Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bloodstone: improve the circulation of your healing energy

Bloodstone is a fascinating gemstone found primarily in India, Brazil, China, Australia, and the US. Its name comes from the red streaks of color found amongst the dark green body of the stone (though Bloodstone is also known as Heliptrope). In Christian folklore, Bloodstone is said to have been created when the blood of Christ ran from his body onto the stones below as he hung on the cross.

Bloodstone is known to increase the body's circulation of energy, balancing the base, navel, sacral, and heart chakras. It promotes healing and the strengthening of the immune system.

Bloodstone also promotes courage in the face of change, showing the owner the benefits of the "pain period", the period of intense effort and reorganization which is often necessary to improve ourselves and correct our behaviors.

If you need defense against infection, or are doubting the utility of your efforts, Bloodstone may be a special addition to your collection.

Bloodstone gemstone meaning

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