Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gem Sapphire Stone

Blue gem sapphire stone.Sapphire gem stones reveal beauty to their holder, removing negativity that
blocks the perception of beautiful wonders. This perception of the awe-inspiring beauty that
surrounds us gives us happy emotions. This positive outlook affects all areas of life,
even leading the holder to the right path to achieve his/her ambitions and dreams.

Sapphires are also symbols of sincerity and faithfulness, which was reflected in
Prince Charles' choice of a sapphire engagement ring for Princess Diana.

Gem stone sapphire engagement ring to show sincerity and faithfulness.

In medieval times, sapphire was often used in decorating churches, as sapphire was thought to aid
in spiritual connection with divinity. And since rulers were thought to rule by divine decree,
royalty often wore jewels of sapphire.

Sapphire gem stone properties and meaning.

As for the healing properties of sapphire gemstones, it is thought to be helpful in treating disorders of the

If you are suffering from a negative outlook and the world around you seems
ugly and full of darkness, sapphire gems may restore you to your natural state of
wonder and awe of nature's miracles.

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Anonymous said...

is sapphire a birthstone for all librans?