Sunday, August 16, 2009

March Birth Stone

March birth stone, bloodstoneThe traditional March birth stone is the bloodstone, while the modern march birthstone is aquamarine. Bloodstone gems provide the bearer with the courage to persevere through times of change and uncertainty. It can be a scary thing to enter uncharted territory by erasing old habits and taking on new responsibilites, but the bearer of bloodstone will have an easier time.

Those born in March, such as myself, can experience improved benefits of the
March birth stone, the bloodstone gem.

March birthstone aquamarineI am a fan of traditional birthstone designations, but I will talk a little about the modern one as well. The aquamarine gemstone is believed to improve circulation and mental alertness. It soothes the brain and the central nervous system, allowing the bearer to relax. That soothing calmness also allows for greater conection with the infinite power, since you are in a semi-meditative state while you are going about your day.

According to the modern birthstone desginations, people born in March will experience enhanced benefits of the aquamarine stone.

February Birth Stone

Amethyst - the February Birth Stone
The February birth stone is amethyst. Amethyst is a gem stone of sobriety and also sincerity. Sobriety in the sense of clear thinking, yes, but also in the sense that amethyst helps to pull you out of intoxicated states through improved blood circulation (which helps alcohol to leave your bloodstream more quickly).

People born in February will experience improved benefits of the amethyst stone. But don't abuse the power of amethyst, and please stay responsible!

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

January Birth Stone

January Birth Stone GarneyThe January birth stone for folks born in January is garnet. Garnet is a deep red color, much like a pomegranate seed. The name "garnet" and the "granate" in "pomegranate" both come from the Latin word granatus which means "grain".

People born in January will become more firm and steadfast. Those are two qualities that contribue to the garnet gemstone's power for making you more successful in business. Garnet is also believed to cure depression. I think this is also related to those two qualities, since being firm and steadfast means you are likely taking action and moving your life forward. It is in the state of constant improvement and progress that makes depression very unlikely.

It is a stone symbolizing purity and truth, and love and compassion. Combined with the qualities of firmness and steadfastness, these lead to a very well-rounded personality and spiritual state that allows you to be a successful leader.

Those born in January can experience enhanced power from the garnet gemstone, and wearing or having some nearby at all times is suggested.

Birthstone Gems

Birthstone Gems ChartUntil this point on my blog I have focused on what I consider to be the most important primary meanings and powers of gemstones, meanings that apply to the bearer no matter who he or she may be. But there are other stones that hold enhanced power for certain people depending on their month of birth. These are called birthstone gems. The primary meanings of these gemstones still apply to the bearer, with but with extra intensity. It is also believed that wearing the birthstone for your month brings you good luck in general. Some also believe that birthstones simply correspond to a month, and that if you wear the birthstone of the present month, you will receive the increased power from that stone. I personally don't subscribe to this, I believe the increased power corresponds to your month of birth only.

The concept of a birthstone gem stretches all the way back through history to Biblical times, and has been recorded in many cultures. Which stones correspond to what month and the birthstone's meaning for the bearer differ from culture to culture, but the Tibetan birthstones dating back to the 15th century are often considered the standard list.

Another modern list of birthstones corresponding to months was adopted by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912. Just how much traditional brithstones played an influence in the choice of gemstones I don't know, but I have heard that it was influenced by birthstones used in Poland around the 17th centurey. but I myself prefer the Tibetan list. Some of the stones are the same on the Tibetan list and the Modern list.

The birthstone chart up above shows the modern list.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Emerald and Diamond Rings

Emeralds are traditionally associated with the goddess of love Venus, and is believed to preserve love. And emeralds also remove heartache and worry over love. Emeralds help their keeper relax and have confidence in their relationships, and avoid sabotaging them through self-fulfiling prophecies.

Emeralds and Diamond RingsIn modern times diamonds are often thought of as a symbol of love because of their power as a gift from man to woman. It's safe to say that this is based on the cost of diamonds and the status they exhibit, rather than on any metaphysical effect of diamonds. Diamonds do, however, amplify the effects of other gemstones and have historically been used together with emeralds and amethysts to increase their power. This is one of the great things about emerald and diamond rings.

Emerald and diamond rings are not only a beautiful display of perfectly matched colors, they are also the true jewelry of love and trust. The diamonds are a symbol of giving and sharing of the household, while the emeralds express confidence in the relationship and in one's partner. They therefore make a good choice for matching couple's rings.

And don't forget that not all diamonds are crazily expensive. Diamonds come in a wide variety of sizes and grades, and cheap diamonds are available. So if you're a young couple on a tight budget, don't let the price of diamonds stop you from buying a pair of emerald and diamond rings.