Sunday, August 16, 2009

March Birth Stone

March birth stone, bloodstoneThe traditional March birth stone is the bloodstone, while the modern march birthstone is aquamarine. Bloodstone gems provide the bearer with the courage to persevere through times of change and uncertainty. It can be a scary thing to enter uncharted territory by erasing old habits and taking on new responsibilites, but the bearer of bloodstone will have an easier time.

Those born in March, such as myself, can experience improved benefits of the
March birth stone, the bloodstone gem.

March birthstone aquamarineI am a fan of traditional birthstone designations, but I will talk a little about the modern one as well. The aquamarine gemstone is believed to improve circulation and mental alertness. It soothes the brain and the central nervous system, allowing the bearer to relax. That soothing calmness also allows for greater conection with the infinite power, since you are in a semi-meditative state while you are going about your day.

According to the modern birthstone desginations, people born in March will experience enhanced benefits of the aquamarine stone.

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Very interesting Blog, I have always been interested in gems and minerals, ever since I was a kid. Its a bit unrelated, but I am wondering if there is any symbolism or any beneficial properties about meteorites.

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