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Finding the Right Gemstones

Finding the Right Gemstones

A lot of people nowadays purchase gemstones for different reasons. It can be for personal and physical adornment, it can be for business reasons, or you simply want to give it as a gift. The sources of gemstones are minerals and they are mined in different parts of the world. If you're trying tp find the right gemstones, you have come to the right place.

Thousands of gemstones are being sold both in the online and offline market (local physical stores). They are available in different yet beautiful and attractive colors. Because of this, many people don't hesitate to purchase gemstones regardless of the price.

If you have plenty of diamond and gold jewelries, it's time to make a change. Using gemstones will truly change your physical looks. If you don't want to be bored with your old set of jewelries, you can always find a suitable gemstone that will compliment your looks. You can purchase different gemstones with various cuts and sizes.

Finding the right gemstone may take some time especially if this is your first time to purchase one. You have to look for the exotic and extraordinary gemstones that will suit you. If you can find local jewelers, then you can personally look at their collections of gemstones.

You get to check the actual appearance of the stones. If there are several jewelry stores in your area, you can shop around first and canvas. You can compare the gemstones in terms of price and quality. The good thing about gemstones is that you can wear them in any occasion, whether in formal or casual occasions. It all depends on the cut and beauty of the stone.

If you have a hard time finding the right gemstone locally, you can try shopping online. Beware though that some of the pictures of the gemstones are deceiving and once you receive the package, you will be dismayed by the appearance. When shopping in online jewelry stores, you have to find reputable retailers or sellers.

You can also check on customer testimonials to make sure that the customers are satisfied with the seller's or retailer's gemstone items. You should also look into the shipping arrangements especially if the store is from a foreign country.

As mentioned earlier, there are many gemstones sold all over the world. You have to know a great deal of information about them. You have to know about the history, the structure, luster, and colors. You should also determine where precious and popular gemstones are mined. Aside from that, you have to know about the imitation and synthetic gemstones because not all gemstones sold in the market are genuine.

If you have friends and relatives who love gemstones, you can ask help from them so that your shopping will be a lot easier. Try to find out about the different birth stones so that you can also get a gemstone that corresponds to your birthday. Some say that birth stones can bring good luck, wealth, and health.

Some of the popular gemstones include diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, and many others. You simply have to choose which one to purchase. If you have enough money, you can even buy different kinds of gemstone jewelries and have your own collection.

Finding the right gemstones is so easy nowadays because you have two alternatives shopping locally and through the internet.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gemstone Facts

Gemstone Facts

What people don't know about gemstones is that they are just a bunch of colorful stones and rocks polished and precisely cut to be made into jewelries. Attractive as they seem, these stones are usually minerals dug out of the planet, others are tossed out. These gemstones posses certain characteristics that made them valuable to those who adore them.

These crafted rocks go a long way. They have soft textures but majority are mostly hard. Lustrous ones are used for jewelry making. Some would address to these stones as semi-precious or precious. These stones are also used for therapeutic or aesthetic purposes.

Mineral value would most likely depend on the rarity of the stone and how hard it is to find. The more exotic and difficult the area and location where the stone was found, the more expensive it is to purchase. Pebbles are also addressed as gemstones in some way. Some would come out big some just the right size.

Who identifies gemstones?

Gemologists are the ones who identify these stones. They have the authority to describe the minerals using terminologies that is within the scope of gemology. These people are the ones who give out certain gemstone characteristics and identify them according to their composition as chemicals.

How are they characterized and what are their classifications?

Gemstones are characterized through:

・Chemical composition
・Refractive index
・Specific gravity

These stones may exhibit double refraction, luminescence and a particular spectrum that is distinct from other typical stones. Gems may have flaws that are presented as inclusions.

Classifications may vary. They may be introduced as the cubic crystal system, trigonal crystal system and the monoclinic crystal system. But the general approach for classifying is according to varieties, species and groups.

Gemstone values

The most valuable gemstone of all time is the diamond. Amounting up to millions of dollars, diamonds are priced based its properties which would be its brilliance and defiance. Unlike other gemstones, the diamond has its purpose. This magnificent yet available resource can cut through glass without being broken into tiny pieces.

A gemstone's value is based on its characteristic and rarity. It all depends on how clarity is shown, the cut and phenomena to its optical reasons. Great demand in the market lessens the price of the gemstone unless situations may occur. Example, the diamond would be a need by millions, yet the supply offers only thousands.

With this kind of situation, distributors can increase the price of the material. It is only when the stone is that scarce that people tend to adjust its value. But other than that, there are a wide variety of gemstones these days. Some are surprisingly cheap.

To determine the value of a particular gemstone, water is used. Water is referred to as the combination of different colors and transparencies marked in gemstones. First water would pertain to the finest of all stones. Byewater would be the opposite of the latter.

Some of the most precious stones are the emerald, ruby, opal and sapphire and are precious enough to reach such a surprising amount.

Size also matters when predicting a price of a particular stone.

In this era, gemstones are placed on a pedestal to be known as fashion material. Designers have used such stones to include in their piece of artwork thus making it priceless and elegant in such a manner.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tips When Purchasing Gemstone Rings

Tips When Purchasing Gemstone Rings

Rings are perfect gifts for your special someone, especially for the ladies. They adore gemstones so much that you could feel their heart jump and their eyes sparkle when faced with a high carat jewelry.

A ring can be bought for many special occasions and numerous purposes. It could either be a gift for your mom or wife on her birthday, anniversaries, mother's day and a lot more. Or it could be a bridge to a brighter future between lovers. As the saying goes, "say it with a ring," it applies when someone proposes. Rings are also popular in nuptial ceremonies.

Until now, diamonds are the best choice for rings. For their many different characteristics, they indeed are forever. But that would be conventional. In this modern world, diamonds are not only used as a sign of undying love and loyalty. There are quite more.

But how can you choose the best kind of ring for your special someone?

There are several factors that you must first consider before buying a ring. Here are some:


Depending on the kind of ring that you're planning to buy, you must consider how much it would cost. Does it fit the money at hand or are you short? You can risk your entire trust fund just by purchasing a single shiny ring. It just wouldn't define the meaning of your purpose. There are rings that can be quite expensive just determining on its simplicity and elegance.


Knowing the kind of person to which you'll purchase the ring for, you must know what color she likes or hates. This would add up to the thrill of the whole event because she would think that you know her that much to know her favorite color.

Kind of stone

If you have decided which color to buy, now you have to think of what kind of gemstone that person would appreciate most. After considering the color and how much you can afford, look for a stone that she would be able to wear every day. A stone that would further enhance the beauty of her eyes, her lips, and her smile. Your gemstone must be vibrant with a saturated look. And the most important characteristic is that they should possess translucence and not opaqueness. The cut of the gemstone must also be considered.


Now if you still can't choose which kind of gemstone to buy, you could base your choice on the kind of occasion that fits it. If it's an engagement, buy an engagement ring. You could choose from diamond, ruby to sapphire with trinkets of diamond. If it's a wedding, buy a wedding ring. You can also base your choice by thinking when her birthday is. There is a particular gemstone for every birthday. You can browse through the net or ask someone in the jewelry department of your store the different kinds of birthstones.


A person's personality is seen by those who heartily know them. If you just met the person of your dreams, you could have at least an idea on what her personality is. Base your choice on that. If she's passionate and loving, fiery ruby works perfectly. Sapphire can be given if she gives you peace of mind or something like that. Gemstones do have personalities too. So choose well.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Semi Precious Gemstones: Facts and Information on Amber

Semi Precious Gemstones: Facts and Information on Amber

Amber is a fossilized resin that came from the sap of a particular tree that is now extinct and was suspended inside it. Sometimes, small insects or pieces from the earth's surface are fossilized inside it. Insect fossils trapped inside are usually ants, flies, wasps, etc. It is very exotic to find large insects like butterflies, moths, mantises, etc. More interesting enough is when you find tarantulas, millipedes, frogs, and even lizards.

Amber history

Amber is one of the oldest and the first specimen ever made as jewelry. Some archeologists found evidences that aged for about 40,000 years. With its fine golden brown color, Ambers were never considered as minerals but as organic compounds because they lack certain structures like crystalline which is an important factor to be identified as a mineral.

One of the oldest amber specimens are found around regions of the Baltic Sea.

Evidence has it that amber was once used to beautify the surroundings as decorations during the Stone age. Ancient people consider amber as a sort of talisman that brings protection to its wearer.

Amber Formation

For an amber to be formed, it must endure long years of processing. First, resins must harden. As they do, it becomes copal. And for copal to become amber, it must be fossilized within extreme pressures that require periods of time.

If an entity is trapped as the process is being done, its features will remain the same unless some pressure excavates it from within. Some of the most extinct creatures that were found trapped inside an amber is recognized by many scientists as remnants of the Jurassic age. Thus, the movie Jurassic Park was based on this theory.

Amber Color

True, amber is a living golden jewel for its color ranges from orange to yellow. But it also has colors that vary from red, green, greenish black, and blue. Those would be very seldom. Certain inclusions like insects and air bubbles give further life to this gem.

Amber Characteristics

An amber is great if made as large jewelries for its lightness and bright color. Their transparency ranges from transparent to certain translucence. If put under ultraviolet rays, amber becomes fluorescent. Its habit includes embedded nodules and the fracture would have to be conchoidal.

Amber Treatment and Care

Since amber is a soft compound, it can be scratched easily. You have to store this gem separately from the harder jewelries. To imitate amber, you have to use glass, natural resins, plastic and synthetic resins. To remove its cloudiness, it is heated.

Amber as a Source of Healing

It is said that amber has healing effects on the human body. It enables positive energy to rotate within the body which gives power to the depreciated body. Other positive contributions of amber are to do away with an eccentric behavior, it activates the nature of being altruistic, and it can strengthen tissues pertaining to the ear and brain.

Amber is the stone that is paired with Mercury as its planet. Its behavioral effects is said to stimulate mental preparedness because it eliminates aggressiveness and brings about happiness and eases burdens in life.

Those who believe in the power of this stone say that it has effects on beauty and is an enhancer of success. It is also believed that amber has equal power to equate the sun which can contribute to further healing, joy, abundance in life and vitality.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

All About Green Gemstones

All About Green Gemstones

People value durability and beauty very much and because of this, they love gemstones. What are gemstones anyway? These are minerals highly prized by many individuals because of their beauty, toughness/hardness, rarity, and the cut of such precious minerals. Green gemstones are also quite popular and if you do like this stone, you should get emerald.

Minerals come in different color varieties and if you prefer the green varieties, you have to purchase emerald. Ancient people who had eye diseases believed that with the help of emerald stones, their eye conditions will be cured or healed.

Beryl is the mineral where emerald is derived. The properties and composition of emerald is just like that of other beryl types. A very important composition of beryl is chromium and this is responsible for the gemstone's green color.

If you try to examine emerald stones, you will notice that it has featherlike materials. Some people call it 壮ilk・and this is responsible for the stone's mossy appearance.

Some individuals prefer to purchase the flawless emerald specimens because of the size and beautiful color. However, these specimens are very rare and the price is even higher than diamonds of the same weight.

Ancient people of Egypt loved emeralds. In fact, the emerald gemstones were chiefly mined there. However, a large deposit of emerald has been found in Siberia. At present, most of the emerald gemstones can be found in Columbia and it is primarily mined there. In the US, particularly in North Carolina (Mitchell and Alexander counties), emeralds are also being mined. You can also find significant deposits of emerald in Afghanistan and some emerald mines in Brazil, Zambia, Australia, Pakistan, India, and South Africa.

Not all emeralds sold in the market are genuine stones. Other gemstones are also referred as emeralds although they are not exactly emerald. For instance, tourmaline's green variety is called Brazilian emerald. Spodumene also has a green variety and it is called hiddenite or Lithia emerald. Corundum's green variety is called oriental emerald and andradite's green variety is Uralian emerald.

Nowadays, a lot of people desire for the bluish green emerald. If you were born in May, then your birthstone is emerald. The 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries are also symbolized by emerald.

By weight, emerald is the most precious and valuable of all gemstones. For many years, emerald is quite popularly known as a gemstone. If you want to find an ideal emerald stone, choose a highly transparent stone with an even color. If you find certain flaws like fissures and cracks, you can treat it with cedar oil. The oil will show the stone's vibrant color and conceal the flaws. Because of today's advanced technology, the flaws of most emerald gemstones are hidden with the use of epoxy resin.

Perhaps you know Cleopatra right? Did you know that she had vast collections of emerald? That is a fact since the Egyptians were the very first ones to mine emerald. If you have an emerald gemstone, your life will surely be filled with love. Couples who give each other an emerald jewelry will have everlasting love.

There are other beliefs associated with emerald gemstones. It can help pregnant women deliver normally; it can help you concentrate more; increase wealth or social stature; and increase career opportunities.

Now you know many things about the green gemstones.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Identifying Gemstone Effects

Identifying Gemstone Effects

Techniques in cutting and shaping gemstones are vital to add brilliance to the defiance of the stone itself. Experts call it special effects. These effects are responsible for the different shapes, sizes, and shine of a particular gemstone. Like in the movies, some effects can trick you into believing something that isn't there.

Pleasing the optical sense through special skills of cutting the gem can enable the enhancers to hide the undesirable characteristics and let the good ones shine and be more elaborated. The phenomena of a specific gemstone, as what gemologist call it, can be addressed through these effects.

Here are the popular gemstone effects that are often used for better stone definition.


This type of effect that is commonly used by cutters allows separation of true light from the original color. Because of dispersion, fire enables light to scatter like a prism and is refracted. Zircon and diamond are among those that show elaborated fire abilities. Fire is usually defined as the color of highlights.


Effects pertaining to fluorescence are defined, as the events when directed UV rays or colors that aren稚 visible on first sight becomes visible. A special effect like this is desirable to transform the dull color of a stone to a different glow. This will account to the extravagant price a stone may have. Majority of diamonds have this fluorescence that makes other pale stones seemingly white.

Color change

Some gemstones have certain color changes especially when put in different aspects of light especially when faced with sunlight. This is due to a gemstone's ability to absorb wavelengths strongly.


There are two special effects that are considered under the umbrella of iridescence: labradorescence that means flashes of blue and gold upon light movement and schiller that means playing of colors. Iridescence means all effects of a specific gem that shines in rainbow colors. This happens when interference of strands of light arises from layers of the material.


As mentioned above, schiller is the moment when color playfully flickers along the surface of a gemstone when interacted with light. The most popular gem that is known for this trait is the Opal. No tricks within the stone itself. The cue is that the interference of light is based on the structure of the object.


If minerals are cut in domes of high quality, asterism occurs. This will follow if and only the inclusions of fibrous densities align in more than two different directions. The most popular gemstone known for this effect is the star sapphire.

Cat's Eye

Derived from the French term "chatoyance" Cat's eye is caused by impurities within the gemstone arranged like fibers and line up forming axes. Quartz is famous for its cat's eye property when struck by light. Traces of fiber within the mineral give this effect a special twist.


If inclusion flaws in gemstones create such sparkles that would enhance its appearance, it is called as aventurescence. Plain quartz, for example, can be alive and have an appealing glittering effect if numerous petite flakes of hematite protrude.


This has become quite popular with the masses because this effect converts dramatic flashes of gold and blue upon movement of light. If the interference of light in thelayers of crystals arises, this happens. Colors are considered strong and limited with regards to its direction and orientation.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Caring for Japanese Gemstones

Caring for Japanese Gemstones

Japan is a country known for exquisite quality. This otherwise proves that their products are to be taken care of with extreme caution. When it comes with jewelries, Japanese have products that are all natural and therefore expensive to be put in a stressful manner. In this article, you would have the idea on how to care for Japanese gemstones even without lavishly spending a single yen.

Japanese treasure their heirloom. That's why it is clear that their love for jewelry is shown through gatherings and special occasions.

There are different ways to care for a gemstone. Here are some of the general options however the scale in terms of hardness is.

1. Do not put your Japanese gemstones with other gemstones. Have them separated. If possible, separate every gem that differs from composition to avoid scratches. To do this, provide boxes and label them. Or if not, wrap them in pieces of cloths to store them individually. If you love diamond and pearls, might as well do what is said because pearls are very sensitive and can be easily scratched especially with a diamond.

2. Keep them away from extreme pressure, temperature and sunlight. There are gemstones that are only meant to worn at night. There are also Japanese gems that can be worn at any time of the day. So know the class and characteristic of your jewelries.

3. Avoid applying sharp pressures like blows and chemicals that are harsh enough to destroy the credibility of your gem. Some gems are really brittle that even when light pressure is applied, it breaks into pieces.

4. Do not forget to remove your jewelries encrypted with fine gemstones to avoid scratch marks. If it's too valuable to remove, try wearing gloves especially when gardening. Long hours dipped in water can also damage parts of your unprotected stones. Remove your rings if cleaning, it might slip right through your fingers while cleaning the bathroom.

5. Only put your jewelry after applying makeup, hair spray or cosmetics or even after brushing your hair and blow drying it. Chemicals are a no-no. They can't be worn while you do your hair spray because chemicals can harm the physical qualities of certain sensitive jewels. Earrings can be slashed out of your ears when you accidentally brush it.

6. Before joining in athletic activities, take off your jewelries and make sure that you hide it somewhere safe that no one can take it. If your favorite sport is swimming, rather not wear any jewels with while doing the activity for chlorine contributes much on the stone's integrity. Their settings might get loose or eventually fall out.

7. Beaded gemstones must not be stored in knots and must always maintain a flat stretch.

8. Always apply a gentle touch on your gems. If you're mad or irritated, don't take it on them to endure the blame. You might regret it when you're anger is washed away. Do not tug. Never toss the pieces so carelessly for they might loosen their settings and end up being wind up and therefore scratching each other.

9. Immediately keep your jewels after use. Put them in some place where you could easily locate them. Do this especially for the benefit of the smaller gems.

10. To clean your gems, it is not necessary to use harsh chemicals. Just use clean, cloth or cotton balls to polish and clean your pieces. Some Japanese gems only require lukewarm water for cleaning.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Gemstones are Mined in Israel?

What Gemstones are Mined in Israel?

If you go to southwestern Asia, you will be able to find Israel. On the north of the country is Lebanon, Syria on the northeast, Jordan on the east, and Egypt on the southwest. What gemstones are mined in Israel?

Israel has a large mining industry. The industry can produce large quantities of potash, bromine, magnesium, etc; the Dead Sea is the primary source of minerals. Widespread quarrying of granite and marble fulfills Israel's construction needs.

Since gemstones can be found in many parts of the world, it's no wonder if you can also find different gemstones in Israel. Israel also has online stores so you can easily find them on the internet. There are also local jewelry stores there to cater to the local residents of the country.

Online stores in Israel offer various gemstones, with different cuts and in different sizes. Very good examples are the Israel diamonds and sterling silver glass earrings. You can also find Israel gemstones in the form of rings, necklaces, and other accessories. The prices also vary depending on the size and cut of the gemstone.

If you prefer handcrafted gemstones, try to check out Israel online stores. Many of their gemstone collections are artistically handcrafted. You can choose among the various styles and collections of gemstone jewelries.

If you live in Israel, then you probably want to patronize your own country's gemstone products. You not only help in improving your country's economy but you also can be proud of locally mined and cut gemstones. You see, gemstones are really popular these days so if you want to help you country to become one of the best producers of gemstones, you have to promote local products like the handcrafted gemstones.

If you live far from Israel and you池e shopping online, perhaps you might want to look into the shipping costs. There are online sellers or retailers that mislead their customers when it comes to the shipping cost. These customers end up with empty pockets because they paid huge money for the shipment of the gemstones. You must always try to make a good deal when shopping online. If the shipping cost is reasonable, you can proceed to the purchase of the gemstone.

Those who live in the neighboring countries of Israel, they can take advantage of the low shipping cost. Gemstones designed in Israel are beautiful, attractive, durable, and highly prized. The gemstones will be great additions to your existing jewelry collections. You can use the gemstones to match your daily attire whether casual or formal.

It all depends on the cut and size of the gemstone. When looking into the different gemstones produced in Israel or in other countries, make sure that the stones are of good quality. You should also find out if the gemstone is genuine, imitation, or synthetic. This way, you can be sure that you're getting the best deal in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Look for the Israel online stores present on the internet. Check out the range of gemstone jewelries they have and compare the ones that catch your fancy. This is the best time to shop for the gemstones as many people find it attractive and in fashion. You can use a certain part of your savings to purchase the gemstones and once you have them, observe proper care to prolong it's life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finding Wholesale Gemstones

Finding Wholesale Gemstones

Where can you find wholesale gemstones? Well, that's not a very big problem nowadays because you have two options ・one is to shop in local jewelry stores and the other one is to shop online.

Skilled craftsmen are the ones responsible for creating different cuts of the popular gemstones. The gemstones are inorganic compounds found mostly in rocks. The color and hardness of the minerals are determined by their atomic structure.

Before you purchase gemstones in wholesale, you have to know a great deal of information about them to make sure that you get only the good quality ones. Organic gemstones include pearl, amber, and ivory. There are also synthetic gemstones that are produced mainly in laboratories and have no natural origin. However, the chemical composition and physical properties of synthetic gemstones and genuine gemstones are alike. The weight of gemstones is measured in carats.

To be called a gemstone, the mineral must be durable, rare, and beautiful. Because of the scarce resources of gemstones, most of them are quite expensive. These stones are not damaged easily, nor scratched.

What should you do if this is your first time to purchase gemstones in wholesale? Follow these steps:

1. MBefore anything else, you have to decide what gemstone to get. Since you plan to get them in wholesale, the perhaps you have plans of selling them as well. Choose the gemstones that are in great demand so that your customers can have a few choices.

2. Shop around locally. You can find several jewelry stores in your local area. Perhaps you're even bought some jewelry there too. You can canvas the prices in each store so that you can compare them.

3. If you can find reasonably priced wholesale gemstones locally, then you have to choose the store that can offer you the best deal.

4. There is another option available to you just in case you can't find the best deal locally. Log on to the internet.

5. Try to search the internet for wholesalers. Simply type the words "wholesale gemstones" and you can obtain a lot of search results. Click on the links and you can check out several online stores that offer wholesale gemstones. Check on the background of the sellers as well as the suppliers to ensure the quality of the gemstones.

6. You should also consider the shipping cost. If the cost is quite high, try to find other online sellers that offer better deals especially in terms of the shipping cost.

7. Shopping online is sometimes frustrating because the pictures are sometimes deceiving. You have to choose carefully and wisely. This way, you can get only the best products.

8. People have different reasons when purchasing gemstones in wholesale. Whether it is for business purposes or for personal satisfaction, you must always get a good deal because you池e going to pay for the gemstones.

Make sure that you follow these steps so that you can find a good seller of wholesale gemstones. Remember, you must choose a store with a good reputation and with high customer satisfaction. With a bit of effort in shopping around, you can find reasonable wholesale gemstone prices.

Wholesale gemstones are a good way to get the stones at a much lesser cost. Each gemstone is a bit expensive especially the rarest ones but if you purchase them in wholesale, you might be able to get discounts.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Facts and Trivia about the gemstone Turquoise

Facts and Trivia about the gemstone Turquoise

Everybody loves blue. With its calming and rejuvenating shade, this color has often been associated with the sky and water. Blue has also been the color that symbolizes royalty and tranquility. These are one of the few hundred reasons why it is not hard to love turquoise. To own jewelry made of turquoise is like looking at the open sea.

Turquoise can be mined all over the world. They have it in India, China, and US. One of the finest and most respected kinds of turquoise is the Persian turquoise.

Why the Color Change?

Perhaps it's because of the influence of the mineral present. The higher the mineral content in the gem, the more it will be enhanced. Naturally, blue will shine within the stone if copper becomes present. But if, as it is formed, aluminum is more dominant, a green shade will appear.

All About Gemstone Formation

Turquoise is formed when percolation of water occurs inside rocks containing aluminum, copper, and other minerals found within the depths of the earth. As chemical reaction occurs, turquoise is produced. This simplified explanation for the entire process happens for millions of years and happens in suitable conditions only. Oftentimes, the climate and temperature both belonging to extremes are factors that affect molding of this gemstone.

Turquoise Dark Markings

You call those markings as the matrix. It is that piece of rock where this stone was formed into. If you tend to cut this stone, you would notice that sediments of these rocks are still suspended within the center of it. About the different color changes in the matrix, it is due to the fact that turquoise is formed among varieties of rocks. If the lining of the matrix is extended throughout the item, it is called as spider webbings for it resembles the strands of a spider web.

Justifying the Hardness of a Turquoise

When used for jewelry making, the hardness that makers require must be within the scale of 5-6. Other than that, they treat it.

Common Treatments used for Turquoise

1. Treatment for color ・they usually use chemicals to change the stone痴 color or elaborate it.

2. Stabilizing ・this is done by infusing substances or resin inside the pores of the material.

Other treatments are used for an unusable turquoise to turn it into something usable. A lot of turquoise gemstones are either enhanced or treated. It is seldom that you find a turquoise that is all natural. But if you do, the price would not be less extravagant.

You could identify a turquoise that was made natural by looking at its features. You have to be sure that no other treatments have been made. No changes of the artificial kind should be involved.

Turquoise Care

Here are some tips on how to handle your turquoise with so much care without having the fear of neither scratching it nor breaking its viability.

・Have it hidden in a separate place away from harder stones to promote scratch reduction.

・Keep it away from extreme heat and pressure.

・Avoid any contact with dangerous chemicals that might destroy its usefulness like perfumes, cleaners and oils.

・To clean your gem, use warm water and dry it immediately. No cleansers needed.

The most important knowledge that you have to keep in mind when buying a turquoise is that you should purchase it from merchandisers who are known to save your money from fake ones.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Drilling Gemstones

Drilling Gemstones

Who says gemstone drilling can only be done by experts? That's fairly true but doing it on your own is possible. Not all gemstone wearers have the courage to put a hole through their priced possession. It's like an all or nothing kind of challenge. Some are very fragile that with one blow, they might break. That's why you have to be very careful when drilling those precious gemstones.

What's the purpose of drilling?

For one, you could create your very own jewelry for decoration and fashion. Drilling can enable you to mix and match or add up to your old and boring jewelries.

The basic and essential tip on drilling is practice. You could do it on ordinary stones or gems that are made of glass. Those are really cheap and you wouldn't regret the moment you break it.

What you'll need is a drill press and a drill bit.

The first thing that you should do is to determine the part of the gem you'll put a hole into. You can do this by knowing where you'll hang or mount your gem. You have to realize that every hole drilled within the gem lessens its integrity by adding flaws to its surface.

Next, you have to fill in a container full of water. Drilling in water is the easiest and most acceptable way to for drill bits to be wet. This wouldn't be messy and wouldn't give you a hard time collecting and disposing fallen debris. Drills have built-in cooling feature that drips away water.

Let the drill stay still perpendicularly with the stone. Make the correct angle because if your angle is a bit off the grid, you might cause a crack either at the exit or entry point. So be accurate.

Maintain an up and down movement gently. This will enable water to move under the bit. Don't put so much hard pressure for this will cause knocking out the gemstone off the bit.

The advisable measurement for starters is to start drilling below an inch. This is highly recommended especially when dealing with softer gems. Furthermore, softer gemstones don't require a diamond bit.

Now that's all done, you could wipe away the particles around your gem and look at the drill made. If you found out that you made a clean drill, maybe you could start considering an entire course on manufacturing jewelries when passion strikes you. But other than that, you could now clean your gem and wipe it dry.

One popular drilling is laser drilling. This is usually applied to hard gemstones like diamonds. The materials used for this process differs from the ordinary drilling machine. You need a thin and strong laser beam and vacuum furnace. The purpose for this drilling is to remove the impurities that are seen in diamonds and generate clarity.

Bits of advice before, during and after the drilling process:

1. Do not compromise the quality and price of the drill. While alternative drills are quite cheap and is almost exactly the same result, you can't gamble such precious gems. Precision of clear drilling isn't assured therefore you're gem is at risk.

2. Use glasses that will protect your eyes from flying particles when drilling.

3. If you're too scared to drill a straight line, let the dealers do it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Colored Gemstones Facts and Families

Colored Gemstones Facts and Families

Gemstones are very attractive even from afar. For women, a simple dress prepped with beautiful gemstones can turn something simple into something elegant. The brightness of the colors from within these gemstones possesses a trigger to provide a different splash of energy to its wearer. Claims have it that these gemstones have therapeutic effects too.

Based on color variety, a person is defined by what they choose. Experts say that if you're the red type of person, you are considered passionate and loving. Others say that this type of color represents anger and fury. Thus, the list goes on.

Colored gemstones are formed through mixtures of different kinds of elements aided by the change in climate.

There are 3 types of gemstones. Type 1 would be the usual colored gemstone that doesn't contain any inclusions. Examples would be Aquamarine, amethyst, blue topaz, etc. Type 2 are those gemstones showing inclusions visible to the naked eye. Examples would include Ruby, Peridot, tourmaline, etc.

And the last type would have to be those gems that possess inclusion both visible and invisible to the eyes and normally are always included due to the influence of the environment. Examples are emerald, watermelon, etc.

Principles of grading a gemstone are determined by 4 aspects.

・Color ・considered as one of the most vital ingredient to determine the grading of a gemstone. A gem's color must be standard. Every detail must be vivid, leveled and elaborated throughout the body of the stone. Variations would equate to the gem's value.

・Clarity ・this would pertain to a flawless gem. Inclusions must not be visible. Inclusions are used to tell how old the stone is and it helps gemologists identify what kind of gem it is under. If you're planning to buy a stone, consider the placement and type of inclusion. If you could find a gem without flaws or inclusions, that would be very expensive because seldom it is that you find no inclusions in a gem.

・Cut ・it is in the cut that light communicates with the gemstone. Cutting in a certain kind of proportion affects the color and liveliness projected.

・Carat ・this refers to the heaviness of a stone. The heavier it gets, the more expensive it becomes. The carat lets you know how much is stripped off from the stone. It is a stone's weight, whether heavy or light, that is often measured in jewelry making.

A gemstone has different colors. It doesn't mean that when you think of red gemstone, only ruby would ring a bell. It takes more than one to identify a gemstone based on its color. Sometimes, a single gemstone can contain 3-4 different auras or a name can produce variable hues. Here are the families of gemstones under shades of different colors.

・ruby (yes, you have thought of that)

・lapis lazuli




・fire opal

Yellow Gold

Naturally multicolored

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Bytownite: One of the Rarest Gemstones

Bytownite: One of the Rarest Gemstones

Bytownites are not usually known in the gemstone industry because its composition and occurrence are somewhat hard to find. It had become one of the rarest gemstones belonging to the plagioclase feldspars family.

An Introduction

One of the rarest gemstones to be the fifth member of the plagioclase family is the bytownite. Its composition comprises of minerals that range from pure albite to anorthite. Bytownite from the real class is defined as at least 90-70% calcium and 10-30% sodium. This should be seen in the position of the structure of its crystal. To identify feldspars, one should look into the gradations of density and refraction when chemical analysis or optical measurements are absent.

Plagioclase feldspars show a type of twinning named after pure albite. Twinning is formed when a stack of layers twin together which are fractions of several millimeters thick. The formation of bytownite exhibits a grey to white crystal that shows striations.

Bytownite has two properties namely the refractive indices and specific gravity .Its specific gravity varies between 2.75-2.76. To precisely determine these properties will enable you to identify and analyze the mineral. It should be determined together with diffraction, chemicals, and petrographic analysis.

Metamorphic complexes and intrusions occur in bytownite.

The Mineral痴 History and Origin

Bytownite痴 name was derived from Bytown (now known as Ottawa in Canada) by T. Thomson who found it in a boulder near the area. T. Thomson was also the person who gave the name to this stone who later found out that this material is a mixture when looked under the microscope. This happened in 1835.

G. Tschermak was the person who applied the name to whatever mineral that lies between anorthite and labradorite. The petrologists adopt this, in the modern time.

How Bytownite Became Rare

Bytownite is not usually found around obvious places. It normally occurs in tiny grains found in igneous rocks which are said to be lime-rich. The clear yellow crystals are usually found in Oregon and Mexico.

Characteristics or Properties

Bytownite's hardness ranges from 5.5-6.0 that's why aside from being rare, it is also quite fragile. The specific gravity is 2.75. Color would normally be a wide variety of gray hues, white, and pale yellow. Others can exhibit colorless properties. Its chemical composition can be traced as calcium sodium aluminum silicate. Its fracture would be conchoidal. The luster is glassy-like; if weathered will perform vitreous to translucence.

Habits in crystals will be tabular or blocky. Free crystals are rarely seen. Although a square or rectangular cross-section is perforated together with pinacoid terminations and a slanted dome. Twinning is a general attributein plagioclases. Bytownite is found as small grains in compact masses and gabbros.

A bytownite's cleavage is immaculately perfect wherein they form prisms of the right angle. It has a white streak and is associated with minerals like pyroxenes, biotite and hornblende.

Other significant characteristic is that the striations that appear can cause a simple grooved effect on cleavage surfaces. Refraction is approximately 1.575 to 1.585.

Occurrences, aside from Canada, are also found in South Africa and Scotland.

To indicate this mineral, you should identify its striations, occurrence, index of refraction and density.

Gemstone Care

Bytownites must be cleaned with warm water and polished with a clear, dry cloth. Refrain from using harsh chemicals to avoid destroying the integrity of the stone.

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Birthstones: Identifying your Birthday Gemstones

Birthstones: Identifying your Birthday Gemstones


January's gemstone. Garnet has colors that go from dark red to lavender to rose. This is often

mistaken for a ruby but when compared, garnet has its deeper effect than that of the latter.

It is said that when worn, it has calming, self-rejuvenating effects.


February's gemstone. This gemstone is known for its elegant violet color that comes in

different shades. Amethyst belongs to the quartz family, which is considered as the most

valuable gemstone within the group. With a hardness scale of 7, it has been popular for its

durability for everyday usage.


March's gemstone. Derived from its name, aquamarine came from the Latin words water and sea.

It is the member of the beryl group that when faceted, will show clarity and brightness. Color

ranges from pale and light blue, blue green, and sometimes, colorless. Aquamarine will become

almost invisible if put under water.


April's gemstone. Imperishable. Durable. Two words that can describe this special kind of

stone that came from the Latin word adamas that means unconquerable. With its hardness scale

that reaches over 10, diamond can稚 be easily broken unless some extreme pressure is applied

on it that makes it as the hardest of all gemstones. Diamonds have various sizes and colors

like brown, yellow, black, green, pink. Although, the most popular would be the transparent or

colorless one.


May's gemstone. With brilliance of shades of green, this heavily included gemstone can be

identified easily with this specific characteristic. It can sparkle amongst spectrum of flame.

Emeralds are also fragile stones because of its porous characteristic but have a hardness

scale of 7-8.


June's gemstone. The finish of this top quality stone consisting of calcium carbonate

primarily came from mollusks and is created under the depths of deep sea water. Varies widely

in size, color, luster and the size of their pores, they are the main categories for grading a

pearl. This gemstone comes in shades of white, black, silver, pink, and golden blue. These

stones though are highly sensitive to perspiration, perfume, and other liquid that contains

high levels of acid.


July's gemstone. Comes in beautiful shades of pink and fuchsia but is more popular due to its

bloody red color. If diamond is the hardest, well, ruby is the most valuable gemstone of them

all. With a hardness scale of 9, it is in fact the perfect choice for every class of jewelry.


August's gemstone. Notwithstanding the fact that their scratch resistance tolerance is low,

Peridot had become popular for those who are into the fashion world. With colors as bright as

yellow green, brownish, kiwi grren, olive green, this gemstone are considered wearable by

those who are advocates with the color green.


September's gemstone. Sapphire is widely known for its elegant blue hue. Although it also

comes in colorless, black, purple, yellow, pink. Because of its intricate characteristic, this

stone also considered as the heaven's gem. The darker the color, the better.


October's gemstone. The name was derived from the Indian word meaning stone and is known for

its floating fire within. Colors may vary from gray, blue, white, green and pumpkin orange.


November's gemstone. This varies from golden brown to the lightest of yellow. The glow of this

gemstone is delightful enough to enlighten the mood of every occasion.


December's gemstone. Color ranges in hues of dark blue to intense aqua. The popularity of this

gemstone is due to its extravagant color, hardness and affordability.

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Purchasing Rhodonite Gemstones Online

Purchasing Rhodonite Gemstones Online

What are rhodonite gemstones? These gemstones come from the mineral manganese silicate. It is available in pink and brown colors. The primary source of the mineral is metamorphic rocks. Do you have plans of purchasing this ornamental gemstone? Well, if you have, you should purchase it online.

Before you make any gemstone purchase online, you should have enough knowledge so that you can get only the quality stones. Some online shoppers often go through pitfalls because they are inexperienced. Shopping online is not like shopping in your local stores.

In order to avoid online shopping problems, you should know exactly what you want. For this instance, you will be shopping for rhodonite gemstones. The following is the common pitfalls of online shoppers that you should give proper attention:

1. You should look into the reputation of the online seller or dealer.

2. Sometimes the color and image shown online is not exactly the same as the actual stone.

3. Aside from that, you should always read the fine print especially when you're already purchasing the gemstone.

4. There are also those who want to return purchased gemstone however they are unable to because the seller charges hefty re-stocking fees.

5. Some online shoppers are not familiar with the importance of tone, clarity, saturation, and hue.

These are only five of the common problems encountered by online shoppers of gemstones. You池e quite lucky if you haven't experienced any of these things. When purchasing rhodonite gemstones, you have to make sure that you're getting a good deal in exchange for your money. This way, you wouldn't be disappointed once you receive the item.

You should always make it a point to make correct assessments. By doing your homework, you can make a good buying decision. So if you plan to purchase rhodonite gemstones, you have to find useful information about it. As mentioned earlier, the stone is available in pink and brown colors. Firstly, you have to choose which color you like.

If you can afford to purchase different colors of rhodonite gemstones, all the better; but if this is your intention, you have more reasons to make a careful and educated decision. Make sure that you have credible resources so that you can arrive at a good judgment.

When purchasing rhodonite gemstones as well as other precious stones, you always have to consider the so-called 5 Ws.

1. Who ・you have to check the reputation of the online seller or retailer. Aside from that, you also consider the location of the seller (domestic or foreign).

2. What ・for this question, the answer would be rhodonite gemstones. Look at the range of rhodonite stones offered by the online seller or retailer.

3. MWhy ・so why are you purchasing a rhodonite gemstone? The reason is quite obvious, because you want a top quality gemstone.

4. Where ・this is also obvious, you plan to purchase online. There are so many online stores that offer rhodonite stones so you can easily canvas the prices and quality.

5. When ・this pertains to shipping matters. How long will it take until you receive the item? And some other facts about the carrier.

These are some things that you need to consider when purchasing rhodonite gemstones and other precious gemstones. If you follow these things, you can shop till you drop.

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List of Gemstones and How to Clean Them

List of Gemstones and How to Clean Them

Here is a list of some of the popular gemstones and how to clean them.

1. Turquoise ・this gemstone has a chalky texture and is regarded as fragile. This gemstone should have a separate box to prevent chipping and scratching. Never handle it roughly. Avoid immersing it in water because it negatively reacts with chemicals. The surface can be wiped using a smooth and damp cloth. Don't use jewelry dips or even ultrasonic cleaners.

2. Lapis Lazuli ・just like turquoise, this gemstone is easily chipped. It must be stored separately. Protective coatings of the lapis lazuli gemstones are easily removed so avoid immersing it in water. The cleaning procedures are the same as that of turquoise.

3. Coral ・this is a porous and organic gemstone. Don't expose this gemstone in direct sunlight especially for long hours and you should also avoid large temperature variations. Simply wipe it with a damp smooth cloth.

4. Pearl ・this is less durable as compared to other gemstones. Pearl is sensitive to dryness, acids, and humidity. After using pearl jewelries, you have to wipe it because they are easily discolored. You should have one pearl jewelry box. Don't mix it with other harder gemstones. If you have a cultured pearl, you can wash it in soapy yet mild water. Never dry the pearl in heat. Make sure you restring it every two years.

5. Larimar ・you can keep this in a tissue or chamois bag, or in a separate box. Avoid direct contact with perfumes, hairsprays, and other chemicals. Color fading occurs when exposed to bright sunlight. You can use a drop of ammonia and soapy water to clean it; you can also soft brush to clean it.

6. Labradorite and Moonstone ・these stones are primarily stored in oils before made into jewelries. Because of this, the gemstones don't crack or dry out easily. However, it is easily scratched. Wipe it with smooth and damp cloth and never use ultrasonic cleaners or jewelry dips.

7. Onyx and Chalcedony ・avoid contact with harsh chemicals. Chipping and scratching can be avoided if the jewelry has a separate container. Use a soft brush and soapy water to clean it. Rinse the gemstones well.

8. Rose Quartz ・avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent color fading. Don't soak the gemstone and you can clean it using soapy water and soft brush. Never steam clean the gemstone and rinse it well.

9. Topaz ・this is a very durable stone and does not easily chip nor scratch. Avoid too much heat and chemical exposure. Don稚 use ultrasonic cleaners, steam clean, nor soak. Use soft brush and soapy water to clean the gemstone.

10. Garnet ・this gemstone is brittle. Avoid chemicals. Ultrasonic cleaners can't be used with an andradite but all other garnets can be cleaned with it. Don't soak.

11. Peridot ・avoid too much heat exposure, harsh chemicals, and extreme temperature changes. Use soft brush and soapy water to clean it and then rinse thoroughly. Don't use ultrasonic cleaners nor steam clean.

The list of gemstones in this article are considered semi precious. These stones are less expensive as compared to the precious stones but still needs extreme and proper care. Gemstone jewelries are great investments and even the ancient people believed that the stones bring good luck. So if you have several different pieces of gemstones, be sure to get a jewelry box with different compartments so that you can place the gemstones in separate bins.

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Gemstones Shaped for the Heart

Gemstones Shaped for the Heart

Gemstones aren't made just for the purpose of fashion. It's so much more than that. It's an investment with sentimental value. Given or bought for the ones you adore. A ring is not just an ornamental thing of beauty but also an undying confession of a loving couple's union.

To give someone a gemstone that is shaped like a heart, it would mean two things: that you are giving your heart to that person and as crystals are forever, so is your affection.

But before kneeling down the red carpet and saying "Will you" there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. Choosing heart shaped jewelry requires more than liking it. You must have certain categories to identify a gem that would definitely last a lifetime.

To evaluate a heat shaped gem, you must see to it that the angles and sides must go in proportion. Achieving an ideal heart shaped cut, it must exhibit concave and convex effect.

According to several findings, the ideal symmetry of the shape must be relevant to the length and width of the one who's going to wear it.

Here are some ideals to help you out in choosing the right gem for your partner.


・Are the colors equal on all sides? Sometimes poor cut will affect the color of the shape.

・The shadow that refers to the bow tie reflection must show.

・Look at the lobes if it's balanced to avoid distorting that is caused by an unbalanced cut. Also check out for an aligned point that is proportional with the lobes for even though the lobes look perfect, it will still result to a distorted feature due a misaligned point.

・See to it that the point must be sharp and not rounded because if the tip is well rounded, it only shows a poor cut.


Art Deco ・utilizes an unusual feature and bold style

Solitaires ・Here, prongs are emphasized. A solitaire must require at least 5 prongs; 4 of which is used to protect the stone and the other to safeguard the sharp tip of the stone.

Accented ・Rings can be paired with many different stones. Some of these are the emerald or accent stones in oval shape. The more preferred is the channel settings that are subtle and enables the heart to be left undisputedly focal.

Claddagh ・in this design, designers prefer to use ruby, diamond, or emerald as the heart.

Three Stone ・A perfect symbol for the three-letter-word. It can also represent a match made to last after the past, during the present, and through the future. You could also choose a three stone design that has different gemstones and colors.

Inset ・Using clusters and settings that become rather usual but adds vibrant effects encircling accents all over the gem.

Alternative Heart Designs

Because heart shaped gems are hard to find due to the fact that it is also hard to cut and polish without imperfections, couples can settle for something different yet, still, acceptable.

・Cluster small gems around a heart shaped pattern to create the desired shape without requiring a center piece.

・Engrave the shape on the item itself or the metal where the gem is attached. You could opt to put it along the band or underneath the setting.

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Gemstones Made for Jewels

Gemstones Made for Jewels

Gemstones have this specific characteristic of being able to shine on their own. A beauty of best quality. Some of the rarest and finest gemstones are polished and made into jewelries that are expensive enough to buy an entire house. Some of these jewels are designed by trademark manufacturers, others are personalized for the customer's desire. Either way, the most popular gemstones made into jewels are widely accepted.

The good thing about gemstones is that they are abundant enough to be produced from different ideas. From rings to earrings, necklaces to bracelets. Sometimes they are made into pendants. People, especially women, are very specific with their jewels. They want it made from the finest most intricate design man can ever make.

Gemstones mix with precious metals like silver, bronze and gold that make them more attractive than being just a simple stone. They are fabricated and molded to blend with the metals that result to beautiful jewelries. Not to mention, you can also combine gemstones with different gemstones. For example, a ring made out of gold can be embedded with pieces of diamond on the side and a shiny ruby as its main stone. That would probably cost thousands of dollars.

So you ask, what are jewelries for?

Two words. Investment and accessory. Sometimes you would wonder why in the world women crave for these small priceless wonders? This is because as time goes by, these stones become scarce. And when that moment comes when these stones become extinct, those who have in possession of things like this can gather a million just by selling it. In terms of accessorizing, a gown or beautiful dress wouldn't shine without jewelries. They add brilliance to the person wearing it.

Stores and internet shops provide distinct array. You can design the jewelry of your own. Match them with the color of your choice and the birthstones of those you love. You could also shop basing on the gem of your choice, by birthday, or by color.

Here are lists of gemstones that are fascinating enough to be carved into jewels.

1. Alexandrite ・this stone is artificially made for reducing its high cost. One specific characteristic is that this kind of gemstone has no definite color. Some are colored green at the flash of sunlight and changes to red when artificial light strikes it. The thickness contributes to the change in color. Be careful in the purchase of these stones for they are sensitive to light.

2. Amber the color of this gemstone ranges from yellow to brown. In scientific sense, amber came from pine tree sap that is hardened and fossilized. Organic as it may seem, amber can be polished and be made into gemstones that are affordable in an unusual way.

3. Cat痴 eye ・based on its name, this stone looks like the thin slit of the cat's pupil. The slits are caused by the light's reflection that forms in parallel angles gliding through the surface of the stone. This comes in gray, white, and yellow.

4. Jade ・Once used as currency, jade's popularity came from the Chinese who believed that this stone is used for good luck that's why they incorporated this with different kinds of jewelries. Jade is durable enough to be worn daily.

5. Topaz ・known for its bright shade of blue color, this is also the birthstone of those born in the month of December. But not all topaz is blue in color. They come in shades of pink and yellow. It has been popular because of its affordability and strength.

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Fashionable Gemstone Beads

Fashionable Gemstone Beads

When it comes to being fashionable, beads are so in. It is embroidered together with silk, laces and cloths. Beads redefine the meaning of fashion. Consider this, these gems are made from the finest minerals and stones that would make it more shine and attractive. This would be perfect with any kind of occasion and as seasons would change.

Whatever the size and color, beads are definitely in demand. Mixing and matching them doesn稚 have to be a fuss. All kinds of beads ・the big, the bold and the beautiful, add color and vibrant to every gown, dress and ensemble fit for every occasion. You can wear them as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even rings.

If you're wondering what are the most favorable gemstones that you can include in your beadwork, here are some:


Renowned for its beautiful color, jade has gone a long way since the Stone Age when it was used as a weapon and tool. For the Chinese, jade is a sign of luck and has been widely worn because of that belief. As time went by, it had been considered as the gem for royalty, thus symbolizing courage and overwhelming wisdom. Jade can be made into beautiful necklaces and bracelets. For fun, you can combine the colors and sizes of different varieties of jade.


Now this one's quite an eye catcher. With stunning shades of red, beadwork had never been so tropical and sophisticated. You could buy coral beads and wear them at any time of the day. Some of the coral beads being made into jewelries are vibrant enough to be pleasing during summertime. Others have strong or soft color that can be joined with any type of gemstone.


This is a crowd favorite, gathered from varieties of hues like apple green, blue-green, sky blue, etc. Ever since the introduction of jewelry making, turquoise had been used. In fact, archeologists have found some from mummified artifacts recovered from tombs, enough basis for them to believe that those who were once royal in ancient times also favor jewels. With its soft color, turquoises are hot during summer and yet elegant when embedded with silk.


If you're wondering what kind bead to wear during fall, why not try settling for carnelian? With colors ranging from strong to soft orange, and dark to golden yellow, this gemstone is perfect to enjoy the change in climate and fall of the leaves. This will look great when randomly mixed in one single strand.


This one's best for evening gowns and romantic candlelit dinners. With a touch of classic, peridot is embraced with a beautiful shimmer of green color. It is claimed that ancient Egypt patronized this stone. Egyptians believed that this jewel shone a beautiful glow in the evening. It is also believed peridot can do away bad spirits and terrors. Considered as the emerald of the evening, this stone is also known for its therapeutic effects bringing health and vitality to the body. If merged with turquoise strands, a stunning piece of jewelry can be made into being.

You can still search your favorite bead shop to find for more assortments of gemstones. Don't be afraid to mix and match to add vibrant and life. Varieties of sizes can also be an additional point for adjustment. It will bring more emphasis to your beaded gemstones.

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Gemstones and the Birthstones for Each Month

Gemstones and the Birthstones for Each Month

Regardless if you're male or female, birthstones are often worn as jewelries even during the ancient times. However, the gemstones of today are much more colorful, beautiful, and rare. Usually, the gemstones are set in a metallic background for ornamentation. Gemstones can be semi precious or precious. You can find some useful information about gemstones and birthstones for each month in this article.

For the month of January, the zodiac sign is Capricorn and the birthstone is Garnet. It is available in a variety of colors except blue. If you were born in January, you should get a garnet jewelry as an addition to your get up.

February is considered as the love month. The zodiac sign is Aquarius and the birthstone is amethyst. The color of this gemstone is purple and it originated from the myths of the Greeks. Amethyst is said to be of quartz variety and the expensive stones are much darker in color. The lavender shades of amethyst or the smoky light shades are cheaper.

Pisces if the zodiac sign for the month of March and the birthstone is aquamarine. By wearing an aquamarine jewelry, you can be endowed with happiness, courage, and foresight. It can promote your youthful glow and increase your intelligence. Ancient people believed that the stone can be used to reduce poison effects and it can also treat anxieties.

Diamond is the birthstone for April. It was only in the 500 BC when diamond was discovered. Adamas is a Greek word wherein the word 租iamond・is derived. It means unconquerable. This stone is very unique because it reflects light and is the hardest ever known substance on earth. It is also composed of only one element and therefore it is considered the purest.

Emerald is May's birthstone. For Gemini people, emerald is a talismanic stone and for the Taurus people, it is a planetary stone. You can find this gemstone even in the ancient tables of birthstone.

In the month of June, pearl is the birthstone. For many years, the pearl necklace is the best piece of jewelry for brides. Many people believed that by wearing pearl necklace during the wedding will help prevent women from crying and uphold marital bliss. The knights of long ago also gave pearls as gifts to their beloved.

Ruby is July's birthstone. By wearing a ruby jewelry, you can be endowed with good health, happiness, wisdom, and good luck.

The birthstone of August is peridot. This is a volcanic gem and it available in yellow green shades.

Sapphire is for September and for October is opal. Sapphire is a great gift to give especially on 65th wedding anniversaries. Opal is available in two types, the common and the precious opal stones.

Topaz and citrine are the birthstones for November. You can find topaz in different colors such as red, brown, pink, orange, yellow, sherry, and colorless. You have different choices when it comes to the color of you November birthstone.

Tanzanite is December's birthstone. Others say that turquoise is the birthstone but tanzanite is now the official stone of December according to the American Gem Trade Association.

So there you have it, the twelve gemstones and birthstones for each month. Know your birthstone and get the appropriate piece of jewelry that will suit your zodiac sign and gemstone.

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Aquamarine Gemstones - March Birthstone

Aquamarine Gemstones - March Birthstone

What month were you born? If you're quite interested in gemstones, then you probably know your gemstone. The birthstone of those people born in the month of March is aquamarine. Aquamarine gemstones are available in greenish blue or blue green shade.

If you translate the word "aquamarine" it literally means sea water. Many years ago, people believed that you can call the great spirits by simply holding an aquamarine gemstone in your mouth. By doing so, the spirits will provide you with the answers to the most vexing questions you have. There are also those who soak aquamarine in water and then they use the water in curing eye troubles, hiccups, and other minor respiratory diseases.

Way back in the 1920's, a huge aquamarine was found in Brazil and the weight reached 243 pounds. The gemstone was clearly visible and its length was 19x16 inches. The outside color was greenish but the inside part was blue. You can even find an 879-carat aquamarine in a British museum and in a county museum in Los Angeles you can find a 638-carat aquamarine gemstone. Eleanor Roosevelt also received a 1,847 carats aquamarine gemstone and at present it can be found in their estate in New York.

This gemstone is also the symbol for the 19th wedding anniversary of couples. It is a very cool gem and it is available in two qualities ・AA and AAA. Both of the qualities have clean cuts; AA stones are available from light tones to medium ones while the AAA is available from medium to dark tone.

It is not hard to find an aquamarine gemstone. You can find them in your local jewelry stores or you can shop for the stones online. You can find aquamarine pendants, earrings, or rings. There are also other pieces of jewelries made from the aquamarine gemstone. All you need to do is to shop around for a variety of jewelry designs. You can use it personally or you can even wrap it as a birthday present.

If you were born in March, you should have at least a piece of jewelry made from aquamarine. Some say that it can bring the holder good luck and it's up to you to prove it. So what are you waiting for? You壇 better get an aquamarine jewelry in a local jewelry store or from an online store.

Aquamarine gemstones are rich in history and many ancient people had beliefs attached to it. Have you tried soaking this gemstone in water? Nothing would hurt if you try it out and perhaps it will also work miracles on some of your health concerns. You might also be able to find some answers for your life's questions. The ancient people surely would not have established such beliefs if they themselves weren't able to prove it.

Aquamarine gemstone is just one of the many gemstones that are considered as precious. There are twelve months in one year and so you can find at least twelve precious gemstones in the market. Some of the stones are quite affordable but there are also expensive ones. So what will it be - an expensive aquamarine stone or a cheap one?

Find the right aquamarine gemstones that suit your personality and taste. All you need is money and time to shop around. Start looking for the gemstone now.

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Antique Birthday Gemstone History

Antique Birthday Gemstone History

Every gemstone has its own story. Some fascinating enough to be heard, others are just the same old story. But it wouldn't matter how old the story is for as long as it's important enough to be heard. To know the history of an antique gemstone is all worthwhile especially when you're dealing with the birthstones.

Every gemstone is antique in its own place and story. Mind you, because these antiques that were buried long before mankind multiplied is more priceless than that done in laboratories and had been fabricated and polished for more than a hundredth time. Why? They posses such qualities that these gemstones don't have.


It is said that those born in this month are great communicators and are sociable. Garnet, on the other hand, was known long before the time of the Ancient Romans and Greeks. This gemstone looks like a pomegranate seed thus deriving its name from it in the Latin sense. Ancient people associate this gem with fire. The Christians believed that Noah used this to put a certain illumination on his Ark. A gem of constancy, truth and faith.


The amethyst is one of the oldest gemstones used. Associated with royalty, this stone had been used for ecclesiastic purposes too. This is worn by travelers or warriors when being booted to war for protection, avoid intoxication, and is said to bring luck for business matters.


The gemstone aquamarine is known for its seawater color. That when submerged into water it seems to disappear and be invisible. Ancient fishermen wear this stone as safety for their water journey. People back then believed that because this stone posses the qualities of water, the moment they wore this, they are purified. It also brings unfazed youthfulness and happiness throughout life.


A stone that means unconquerable. Diamond has no equal when it comes to hardness. And because of its quality, hardness, outstanding brilliance and rareness, this is one of the most expensive and priceless gemstones ever found. History has it that this stone is only reserved and is exclusively brought upon royalty. A diamond symbolizes eternal happiness through marriage bonds.


A stunning beauty of enchanted green. Emerald had been known as the stone for the gods and goddesses. The Ancient Greeks offered this gemstone for Aphrodite as the symbol of beauty. The Incas worshipped a goddess made of emerald. And it is stated that the bowl that Jesus Christ used during the Last Supper was made of emerald. The Emerald serves as the stone for faith, immortality, intelligence and insight.

This gem made by mollusks as defense from foreign substances is known, before, as the god's tears. This represents the influence of the moon on earth. Aside from the diamond, pearls are also used during nuptials. Pearl symbolizes femininity, wisdom and purity.


Ruby means red. Its majestic color associates this stone with passion and power. Ancient civilizations believed that if a piece of ruby is thrown inside a pot of water, it will cause the water to boil at an instant. Ruby is a sign of attraction and love.


Pharoahs desire this stone. They require their people back then to use peridots as adornments and currency. Furthermore, people only mined this stone during the night for they believe that they glow like lanterns.

Orignal From: Antique Birthday Gemstone History