Friday, March 11, 2011

Howlite Gemstone Meaning

howlite gemstore meaningOften mistaken for turquoise, and often intentionally misrepresented as turquoise, howlite occurs naturally as a white or gray stone with dark stripes. It is named after Henry How, the Canadian geologist who first discovered the mineral in Nova Scotia. It is also found in Southern California.

Howlite is often referred to as "The Calming Stone". It is commonly used to relieve stress, and ease an overactive mind so that you can rest and sleep more easily. For this reason it is often used as an antidote to insomnia. It relieves not only stress, but also negativity. So if you are feeling upset, or reacting to another person's negative emotions, howlite will help you keep those emotions at bay and ease the situation.

One of the special features of howlite gemstone is that is a porous mineral and therefore absorbs dyes very easily.

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