Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Do gem stones really have meaning?

A lot of people are skeptical about the healing powers and mystical powers of gem stones and crystals. How can an inanimate object possibly have power? Have can gem stones possibly have meaning? Well, there is no definite proof that gem stones have power and meaning. There is, however, a massive corpius of anecdotal evidence that indicates that gems have a powerful positive influence on peoples` lives.

I am noone to argue with the countless people throughout history who have been convinced of gem stones` power, but let`s imagine for a minute that gem stones have no physical power. Does that mean that gem stones have no meaning? Not at all! Gem stones have power to focus your thoughts and energy on what is really important to you in life. I once purchased a new tiger eye tumble stone for its power to strengthen conviction and confidence, and promote financial and professional success. Simply possessing that small tumble stone made me focus my mental energy on the self-improvement goals I had set for myself, to build confidence and use that confidence to build financial power. That mental energy translated into action, and I successfully improved my confidence and financial situation. The gem stone you choose, and its meaning, are symbols of and reminders of your commitment to improve your life.

gem stone healing properties

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Eri said...

I'm wondering if you can give me either some websites or some books that talk about the possible energy content of stones and gems? Just something I'm interested in researching for myself...