Thursday, October 11, 2007

Moonstone: helps you maintain control over your emotions while not repressing them

Moonstone is a gem found mainly in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, and Madagascar. It is known to calm your emotions without you having to repress them. Useful for people who keep things bottled up inside to protect themselves, it helps us be in touch with emotions that we are sometimes scared to acknowledge. Said to enhance our feminine side, Moonstone brings us in touch with our intuition, gentleness, and compassion. That does not mean that Moonstone is only useful for women. All men have feminine aspects to them, yet some men are afraid to reveal this, thinking that it will diminish their masculine identity. Moonstone helps them to embrace and control their feminine aspects.

Moonstone is also believed to aid in matters of love and fertility. It is used to aid fertility and child birth, and to regulate the menstrual cycle. Its power is strongest during a full moon. In some cultures it is believed to bring new love into your life, or to reunite lovers after a quarrel. Perhaps Moonstone's ability to balance the emotional and the rational is the source of this power.

If you feel that you are too withdrawn and it is harming your relationships, maybe moonstone would be a great gem stone for you.

Moonstone gem stone meaning

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